Friday, April 07, 2006

Photo Essay: Prospect

Prospect, a New Urbanism community in Longmont, Colorado.


MyVintageCameras said...


I am a photographer also who has just started blogging. You are the first person in my town (also Lafayette) that I've found.

So how do you feel about this new urbanization? I see these developments all over the metro area, and in many cases they seem really out of place. My favorite is BelMar in Lakewood. they replaced an abandoned shopping mall with BelMar and that makes sense.

Daisy said...

On the whole, I like the new urbanization. For one, the architecture is very interesting -- not the same old boring stuff. For two, and much more importantly, the designers are finally giving some thought to what factors constitute a successful community; what makes a place livable and enjoyable and sustainable.

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